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Delma Production has, in addition to its own production in the Netherlands, also a commercial enterprise with years of experience and know-how in the field of auxiliary tools and apparatus for the building and utility building industry.

For us, quality, price and delivery time are of paramount importance. Whether it concerns one product or thousands of products, our flexibility knows no bounds. With you, we strive for a co-operation that is profitable for both sides. In addition to a wide assortment of own A-products, we also supply special products (customer-related) according to specification (model or drawing). We have customers both in and outside Europe.

Some examples of our products:

  • Floodlight tripods
  • Door stops
  • Door Assembly-Lift
  • Door dampers (decelerator)
  • Hole cutters
  • Stoneclamps
  • Roller Stands and trestles
  • Stacking pallets
  • Plate-Panel Dollys
  • Drywall panel and Assembly lifts
  • Door and Glass lifters
  • Adjustable panel carriers
  • Work and task lights

All these products are, after treatment, delivered complete and packed according to wish. For more information or clarification you can always phone or e-mail us.