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Doorlifter 250 kg

0061 DLX
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The beautifully designed Delma doorlifter has been manufactured from high quality aluminium and glass fiber reinforced plastic. With the help of the door lifter, doors which are becoming heavier all the time, can be lifted from their hinges effortlessly, simply and ergonomically. The rotating rubber foot prevents slipping and makes it possible to move the doors sideways lightly. With repetitive work (hanging) the lifting height of the lifter can be pre-adjusted. A good grip across the whole length of the aluminium pedal prevents the foot from sliding. Optional is a foot bracket which offers a solution for increasing lateral force and is useful for moving with the foot without having to keep bending over. The adjusting and variation possibilities make this a completely new tool of top quality.


  • Changeable clamp for glass- doors, cupboards, walls etc.
  • Rotating anti-slip foot 360°
  • Variable adjustable height -25 till +90 mm.
  • Interchangeable jaws.
  • Weight 1060 gram.
  • Maximum lifting capacity Doorlifter: 250 kg / 550 Lbs
  • Lift height 90 mm.
  • Lever arm 1: 1,6


  • Foot bracket.
  • Wide support with narrow clamp for glass doors, thin plasterboard, wall boards and panels.
  • Article logo and/or your company name (in cast aluminium).
  • Self adhesive anti-slip rubber for the clamps for use with easily damaged articles such as glass doors.
  • Box of your choice with or without print.
  • Colour of the synthetic material parts: blue (ral 5010) other colours upon request.
  • Ask for the many possibilities.
  • Model is internationally protected (patent applied for).