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Multi Edge and Tension Clamp

KL 150506
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Product Description

As Tension Clamp

The Tension Clamp can be used for gluing and clamping frames and all sorts of corner connections in the interior, construction, furniture industry, etc. With a clamping range of 0 to approx. 240 mm and a depth of span of approx. 125 mm, it offers unprecedented clamping and tensioning possibilities. The infinitely adjustable angle setting of the (extra long) spindle gives the possibility to tension or clamp in less accessible or angular corners.

As Edge Clamp

The Edge Clamp is well suited as an edge-holding vice or tensioner when gluing edges and can be slid onto the workpiece with one hand, whereupon it directly exerts initial pressure on the edge. Gluing edges also poses no problems in the case of inner and outer radiuses. It also has a clamping range from 0 to 240 mm and a depth of span of approx. 125 mm.


  1. Article and logo / name listing of your company (in cast work).
  2. Standard colour: blue (RAL 5010) and other colours upon request.
  3. Handle 300806 for use as multi-plate carrier.
  • The carrier is adjustable in various stages and fitted with graduated scale.
  • Slight exertion required thanks to self-clamping oval jaw pieces provided with special anti-slip rubber.
  • Not suited as an aid on cranes and similar hoisting equipment.
  • Packing KL 150506: p/piece with supplied plastic protective cap on the pressure plate of spindle.
  • Weight p/clamp: 1,2 kg
  • Model is protected internationally (patent pending).