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Hole cutter Ø48 up to Ø426 mm.

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Product Description
  • The variably adjustable hole cutter is the solution for plasterers and installation companies.
  • To saw different round holes for, for example, spotlights or drains used to require a hole saw for each diameter.
  • With the variably adjustable hole cutter it is now possible to saw round holes from 48 up till 426 mm in no-time.
  • The dust and waste that this produced is entirely collected in the fully closed plastic protective cover, which also protects the fitter from the cutting knives.
  • Irritating dust particles in the eyes are now a thing of the past.
  • The protective cover ensures that the 2 cutting knives are positioned perpendicularly on the material to be cut, so that it can cut evenly and continuously.
  • In order to be able to set the desired diameter rapidlcutting knife holder is fitted with a measuring rod.
  • For round holes with a diameter from 48 up till 426 mm.
  • Suitable for ceilings, wooden floors, fermacell plates, plaster or plastic slabs, etc. up to 30 mm thick.
  • If accessible from both sides, a thickness of max 50 mm can be cutted.
  • Equipped with an impact-resistant and clear polycarbonate dustcollector.
  • The cutting knives can be changed simply and easily.
  • The hole cutter comes complete with cutting knives and adjusting equipment in a handy plastic case.
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