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Comfort panel carrier 0-60 mm

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Product Description

Professional Panel carrier from Delma Production for safe lifting and moving of doors, frames and sheet materials

With the light- and ergonomically designed Comfort carrier, you can carry many different materials in a safe and protected way.

  • Wood: doors, panels, window frames and sheet materials
  • Metal: steel, aluminum, copper (if oil and grease free)
  • Plastic: trespa, plasterboard, solar panels and related materials.
  • Glass: glass plates
  • Stone products: as floortiles, granite and marble slabs.

Te be used ...

  • for protected lifting of doors, plates, panels and frames.
  • for ergonomic lifting of materials. Hand- and arm joints are aligned with the load.
  • for thin materials or materials with a smooth surface where one cannot exercise sufficient gripp with hands only.
  • for materials with sharp edges; your hands will not come into contact with the product during lifting.
  • for underhand lifting or as a pull-out aid for plates from racks and shelves
    (jaws must be mounted on the handle side).


  • Product made of galvanized steel.
  • The plastic clamping jaws are provided with a rubber layer all around.
  • A plastic bumper on top of the carrier prevents damaging the lifted product.
  • Not suitable for use as a lifting device.


  • Clamping range 0 till 60 mm.
  • Load capacity 80 kg.
  • Weight 0,95 kg.