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Duo Panel Carrier and Tent Cloth Tensioner 0-50 mm

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Product Description

Professional Duo plate carriers from Delma Production for the safe and easy "underhand" lifting and moving of doors, frames, sheet materials and the tensioning of tarpaulins. The galvanized steel Duo plate carrier and tent cloth tensioner is of top quality product.

With the stable and ergonomically shaped Duo Comfort Carrier, you can safely and protected materials under your hand like:

  • Wood: doors, panels, window frames and sheet materials.
  • Metal: steel, aluminum, copper (if oil and grease free)
  • Plastic: tarpaulin, foil, tent cloth, trespa, plasterboard, solar panels and related materials.
  • Glass: glass plates
  • Stone products: as floortiles, granite and marble slabs.

Te be used ...

  • for protected lifting of doors, plates, panels and frames.
  • for ergonomic lifting of materials. Hand- and arm joints are aligned with the load.
  • for thin materials or materials with a smooth surface where one cannot exercise sufficient gripp with hands only.
  • for materials with sharp edges; your hands will not come into contact with the product during lifting.
  • for underhand lifting or as a pull-out aid for plates from racks and shelves


  • Product made of galvanized steel.
  • The plastic clamping jaws are provided with a rubber layer all around.
  • A plastic bumper on top of the carrier prevents damaging the lifted product.
  • Not suitable for use as a lifting device.


  • Clamping range 0 till 50 mm.
  • Load capacity 100 kg.
  • Weight 1,1 kg.