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Panel Carrier, adjustable 0 till 240 mm.

DP 150206
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Product details Clamping range adjustable from 0 to 240 mm.
Product Description

By innovating continuously in new products, Delma Production has succeeded in developing a multifunctional tool of high quality aluminium sprayed under high pressure. It can be used to lift and transport plates, doors, frames, etc. of various thicknesses in a fast, simple and ergonomically responsible way. The formed handle can be turned 180 degrees, so that the lifting force is exerted squarely on the clamping jaws, and be used as a withdrawal aid (Middle Carrier) for plates from racks or for carrying beams in a handy way. In a trice, the carrier can be expanded into a tool (optional SP 1301140) with which you can edge and tension under different angles. The many setting and variation possibilities provide an entirely new tool of top quality, where formerly at least 7 different tools where necessary.

In the basic model the clamp is suitable for carrying and transporting doors, walls, window frames, plaster, wood, steel and aluminium plates (these must be oil and grease free). It has a clamping range of 0 to approx. 240 mm. Maximum carrying capacity p/carrier 80 kg / 175 lbs.

  • The carrier is adjustable in various stages and fitted with graduated scale.
  • Slight exertion required thanks to rubber-coated self-clamping oval jaw pieces that prevent damage to and slipping of the clamped product.
  • Packing DP 150206 p/piece in box
  • Not suited as an aid on cranes and similar hoisting equipment.
  • Weight DP 150206 p/carrier 1,1 kg.
  • Model is protected internationally (patent pending).


  • Article and logo / name listing of your company (in cast work).
  • Spindle set for edge and tension clamp (SP 130140).
  • Standard colour: blue (RAL 5010), other colours upon request.
  • Adapter (OB 290806) for use as a middle carrier and for lifting loads underhand.