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Heavy load material dolly with bar (1250 kg)

Heavy load material dolly with bar (1250 kg)
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Product Description

Very robust transport trolley with a fixed support platform for transporting heavy loads up to 1250 kg. With this compact tiltable transport trolley, heavy materials such as concrete elements, steel and wooden beams, window frames, etc. can be transported easily and quickly.
The indestructible transport trolley is suitable for workplaces, on building sites as well in difficult-to-access areas where heavy loads have to be transported. The extra size 300 mm. wheels makes it possible to bridge small obstacles without problems. All variants are standard equipped with a handle which you can quickly move the car.
An extra removable push bar makes transporting ergonomic and user-friendly. To prevent damage to the transported material, the trolleys of the car are provided with a wooden plate.

  • Indestructible 8 mm galvanized steel frame.
  • Frame length 500 mm.
  • Width 220 mm (inside).
  • Standard equipped with a handle and including push bar
  • Wheel with rubber tire 300 mm. and ball bearing.
  • Maximum load weight of 1250 kg.
  • Weight 30 kg.
  • Available in different variants.