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3-part (0093)

Height adjustable from 1. 15 till 2. 75 m.

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Choose an undercarriage

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Fixed base

Standard base with three insulated plastic fiber feet, with mounting holes for eventual fixing of the tripod on the ground.

Movable base (type V)

Rolling base with three casters with lock and brake. With this, the tripod stand will be increase with 100 mm.

Adjustable feet (type I)

With the adjustable frame height can height differences up to 490 mm easily be bridged, and become the stability of the tripod increases. Allows a height extension of 390 mm for tripod 0093-0094, and 490 mm for tripods 0096-0098. The floor diameter of the 3 feet, can be enlarged from 1140 up to 1940 mm for tripod 0093-0094 and from 1320 up to 2320 mm for tripods 0096-0098.