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Adjustable feet (type I)

With the adjustable frame height can height differences up to 490 mm easily be bridged, and become the stability of the tripod increases. Allows a height extension of 390mm for tripod 0093-0094, and 490mm for tripods 0096-0098. The floor diameter of the 3 feet, can be enlarged from 1140 up to 1940 mm for tripod 0093-0094 and from 1320 up to 2320 mm for tripods 0096-0098.

Step 3: Choose an attachment bracket

Quick adjustment and universal attachment plate (type -08)

Universal mounting bracket with quick adjustment for construction lamps, fixtures, music boxes, etc.

  • Fast and adjustable in 9 positions, and equipped with an M8 x 16 mm threaded rod.
  • The support fits a Delma Duo, Quattro, Magnet and Scaffolding clamp mounting support, but can also be used as a universal support.
  • Suitable for fixing luminaires with an intake of 59 to 86 mm.
  • Galvanized version.

Release system with strip (type -05)

Release system with standard strip for connection of armatures with a center distance from 63 till 86 mm and with M8 thread in the middle. This way, your vulnerable armature can be stored separately (compact) and safe.

Quick release System Universal (and OPUS) (Typ -07)

With this system an armatur can be attached and detached to a tripod easily.
Ideally suited for compact and quickly separated storing of the stand and Work Light.
Slide down the armature to connect. You only need to hold the armature.
By pulling the lever downwards the connection will be released and the armature can be removed.
The armature can also be positioned in 9 different angles, without the need of tools.
This system can be delivered with an universal- or an OPUS worklight mounting bracket. The universal bracket has two slotted holes with a center distance from 63 till 86 mm. and M8 thread in the middle.